Medical Terminology

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Some grammar to begin

Singular Ending Plural Ending
is es     *sometimes ides
um a
us i       *sometimes era or ora
a ae
ix ices
ex ices
ax aces
ma s or mata
on a       *sometimes s
nx nges

Quizlet Word Building  ~  Quizlet Abbreviations

Prefix Meaning Root Meaning
ab- away from abdimin(o) abdomen
ad- toward acid(o) acid
an- no, not, without acr(o) extremities
ana- upward, excessive, or again aden(o) gland
ante- before in time or in place adenoid(o) adenoids
anti- against alb(o) white
bi- two albin(o) white
brady- slow albumin(o) albumin
centi- one hundred alceol(o) alveoli
circum- around or circular algesi(o) sensitivity to pain
di- two alkal(o) alkailine; basic
dia- throught amyl(o) starch
diplo- double an(o) anus
dys- bad, difficult aneurysm(o) aneurysm
en- inside angi(o) vessel
end- inside anter(o) nearer to or toward the front
epi- above, on anthrac(o) coal
eu- good, normal aort(o) aorta
ex- out, without, away from apic(o) apex
exo- out, without, away from append(o) appendix
extra- out, without, away from appendic(o) appendix
hemi- half, partly arter(o) artery
hyper- excessive, more than normal arteri(o) artery
hypo- beneath, under arteri(o) atrium
in- not or indise arteriol(o) arteriole
infra- beneath, under atel(o) imperfect or incomplete
inter- between ather(o) yellowish, fatty plaque
intra- within aut(o) self
ipsi- same axcill(o) armpit
mal- bad bacter(i) bacteria
medio- middle bacteri(o) bacteria
mega- large or great bi(o) life or living
meso- middle bil(i) bile or gall
meta- change; next, as in series blephar(o) eyelid
micro- small bronch(o) bronchi
mid- middle bronchi(o) bronchi
mili- one thousandth bronchiol(o) bronchioles
mono- one bucc(o) cheek
multi- many calc(i) calcium
nulli- none cancer(o) cancer
para- near, beside or abnormal carcin(o) cancer
per- through or by cardi(o) heart
peri- around or circular cec(o) cecum
poly- many cellul(o) little cell or compartment
post- after, behind cephal(o) head
pre- before in time or in place cerebr(o) brain; sometimes cerebrum
primi- first cheil(o) lip
pro- before in time or in place chem(o) chemical
quad- four chir(o) hand
quadri- four chlor(o) green
retro- behind, backward chol(e) bile or gall
semi- half, partly cholecyst(o) gallbladder
sub- beneath, under choledoch(o) common bile duct
super- above, beyone chrom(o) color
supra- above, beyond claud(o) in an inferior position; tail or toward the tail
sym- joined, together coagul(o) coagulation
syn- joined, together col(o) colon or large intestine
tachy- fast colon(o) colon or large intestine
tetra- four coni(o) dust
trans- across coron(o) crown
tri- three crani(o) cranium
ultra- excessive crin(o) to secrrete
cry(o) cold
Suffix Meaning cutane(o) skin
-ac pertaining to cyan(o) blue
-action process cyst(o) bladder
-al pertaining to cyt(o) cell
-algia pain dactyl(o) finger or toe
-ant that which causes dent(i) teeth
-ar pertaining to dent(o) teeth
-ary pertaining to derm(a) skin
-ase enzyme dermat(o) skin
-ate to cause an action or the result of an action dipl(o) double
-ation process dist(o) far or distant from the origin or point of attachment
-capnia carbon dioxide diverticul(o) diverticula
-cele hernia dors(o) directed toward or situated on the back side
-centesis surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid duoden(o) duodenum
-cine secrete ech(o) sound
-cyte cell electr(o) electricity
-dipsia thirst embol(o) embolus
-dynia pain encephal(o) brain
-eal pertaining to endocardi(o) endocardium
-ecstasis dialation or stetching of a structure or part enter(o) small inteestine
-ectasia dialation or stetching of a structure or part epiglott(o) epiglottis
-ectomy excision erythr(o) red
-edema swelling esthesi(o) feeling or sensation
-emesis to vomit, vomiting fibr(o) fiber or fibrous
-emia condition of the blood fibrin(o) fibrin
-er one who fluor(o) emitting or reflecting light
-eum membrane fung(i) fungus
-gen that which generates gastr(o) stomach or intestines
-genesis producing or forming gen(o) beginning or orgin
-genic produced by or in genit(o) organs of reproduction
-gram a record ger(o) elderly or good
-graph instrument used to record geront(o) elderly or good
-graphy process of recording gingiv(o) gums
-ia condition or theory glomerul(o) glomercluc
-iac one who suffers gloss(o) tongue
-iasis condition glyc(o) sugar
-iatrician practicioner glycos(o) sugar
-iatrics medical professional or treatment gon(o) genitals or reproduction
-iatry medical professional or treatment gynec(o) female
-ible capable of; albe to hem(a) blood
-ic pertaining to hem(o) blood
-ical pertaining to hemat(o) blood
-ism condition or theory hemoglobin(o) hemoglobin
-ist one who hepat(o) liver
-itis inflammation herni(o) hernia
-ium membrane hidr(o) sweat, perspiration
-ive pertaining to hist(o) tissue
-kinesia movement home(o) sameness, constant
-kinesis movement hydr(o) water
-lepsy seizure iatr(o) physician or treatment
-lith stone or calculus idi(o) individual
-logic pertaining to the science or study of ile(o) ileum
-logical pertaining to the science or study of immun(o) immune
-logist one who studies; specalist infer(o) lowermost or below
-logy study or science of intestin(o) intestine (general)
-lysin that which destroys is(o) equal
-lysis process of loosening, freeing, or destroying jejun(o) jejunum
-lytic capable of destroying kal(i) potassium
-malacia soft, softening kary(o) nucleus
-mania excessive preoccupation ket(o) ketone bodies
-manic a person who shows excessive preocupation keton(o) ketone bodies
-megaly enlargement kinesi(o) movement
-meter instrument used to measure lacrim(o) tears (as in crying)
-metry process of measuring lact(o) milk
-oid resembling laryng(o) larynx
-ole small later(o) farther from the midline of the body or froma structure
-oma tumor leps(o) seizure
-opia vision leuc(o) white
-orexia appetite leuk(o) white
-ose sugar lingu(o) tongue
-osis contition lip(o) fats
-ous pertaining to of characterized by lith(o) stone or calculus
-pathy disease lob(o) lobe
-penia deficiency log(o) knowledge or words
-pepsia digestion lumpaden(o) lymph node
-pexy surgical fixation lumphangi(o) lymph vesse;
-phagia eat, ingest lymph(o) lymph, lymphatics
-phagic eating, swollowing lymphat(o) lymphatics
-phagy eating, swollowing lys(o) destruction, dissolving
-phasia speech mamm(o) breast
-phobia abnormal fear mandibul(o) mandible
-phylaxis protection mastr(o) breast
-plasia formation or development maxill(o) maxilla
-plasma substance of cells medi(o) middle or near the middle
-plasty surgical repair mediastin(o) mediastinum
-plegia paralysis mega(o) large, enlarged
-pnea breathing melan(o) black
-poiesis production metr(o) measure; uterine tissue
-poietin that which causes production morph(o) shape
-ptosis prolapse (sagging) muc(o) mucus
-ptysis spitting muscul(o) muscle
-rrhage excessive bleeding or hemorrhage my(o) muscle
-rrhaphy suture myc(o) fungus
-rrhea flow or discharge myocardi(o) myocardium
-rrhexis rupture narc(o) stupor
-schisis split, cleft nas(o) nose
-sclerosis hard, hardening nat(o) new, birth
-scope instruement used for viewing natr(o) sodium
-scopy visual examination ne(o) new, birth
-spasm twitching, cramp necr(o) death
-stalsis contraction nephr(o) kidney
-stasis stopping, controling neur(o) nerve
-stenosis narrowing, stricture noct(i) night
-stomy fromation of an opening norm(o) normal
-therapy treatment nos(o) disease
-tic pertaining to nucle(o) nucleus
-tome an instrument used for cutting nyct(o) night
-tomy incision obstetr(o) midwife
-tripsy surgical crushing odont(o) teerh
-trophic nutrition olig(o) few, scanty
-trophy nutrition omphal(o) umbilicus
-uria urine or urination onc(o) tumor
-y state or condition ophthalm(o) eye
or(o) mouth
Abbreviation Meaning orth(o) straight
a.c. before meals oste(o) bone
A&O alert and oriented ot(o) ear,larynx
ABG arterial blood gas ox(i) oxygen
ACS american cancer society palat(o) palate
ad lib. freely as needed, at pleasure pancreat(o) panceras
AHCA affordable health care act parasit(o) parasite
AHF antihemophilic factor path(o) disease
AI aortic insufficiency ped(o) child
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome pelv(i) pelvis
AP anteroposterior pericardi(o) pericardium
aq. water periton(o) peritoneum
ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome phag(o) eat, ingest
ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease pharmac(o) drugs or medicine
AV, A-V arterioventricular pharmaceut(i) drugs ro medicine
AVB arterioventricular block pharyng(o) pharynx
b.i.d. twice a day phas(o) speech
baso basophil phil(o) attraction
BP blood pressure phleb(o) vein
BP blood pressure phon(o) voice
C celsius phren(o) diaphragm or mind
CABG coronary artery bypass graft phryng(o) pharynx
CAD coronary artery disease plas(o) formation, development
CAL chronic airflow limitation plast(o) repair
CAT computed axial tomography pleg(o) paralysis
CBC, cbc complete blood draw pleur(o) pleura
CC chief complaint pneum(o) lungs or air
CDC centers for disease control pneumon(o) lungs
CHF congestive heart failure pod(o) foot
CK (CPK) creatine kinase poster(o) nearer to or toward the back
cm centimeter proct(o) anus, rectum
CMV cytomegalovirus prote(o) protein
COLD chronic obstructive lung disease proxim(o) nearer the origin or point of attachment
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease psych(o) mind
CPAP continious positive airway pressure pulm(o) lungs
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation pulmon(o) lungs
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation py(o) pus
CPT current procedural terminology pyel(o) renal pelvis
CSR Cheyne-strokes respiration pylor(o) pylorus
CT computed tomography pyr(o) fire
CVA cerebrovascular accident radi(o) radient energy, radiation
DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation rect(o) rectum
dL decileter ren(o) kidney
DNA deoxyfibonucleic acid rheumat(o) rheumatism
DOB date of birth rhin(o) nose
DRG diagnosis-related group rhythm(o) rhythm
DSA digital subtraction angiography rrhythm(o) rhythm
Dx diagnosis schis(o) split, cleft
EBV epstein-barr virus schist(o) split, cleft
ECG electrocardiogram schiz(o) split, cleft
ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenator scler(o) hard
ED emergency department scler(o) hard, hardening
EKG electrocardiogram scop(o) examine, to view
EMS emergency medical services seps(o) infection
ENT ear, nose, and throat sept(i) infection
eos eosinophil sept(o) septum; partition
F farenheit sesophag(o) esophagus
FEMA federal emergency management agency sial(o) salivary, salivary glands
FH family history sial(o) saliva; salicary gland
GP general practicioner sialaden(o) salivary glands
h hour sigmoid(o) sigmoid colon
H&P pistory and physical sin(o) sinus
Hb hemoglobin sinus(o) sinus
HCPCS healthcare common procedure coding system som(a) body
HCT hematocrin somat(o) body
Hct hematocrin son(o) sound
HDL high-density lipoprotein spin(o) spine
HDN hemolytic disease of the newborn spir(o) to breathe
HEENT head, eye, ear, nose, throat splen(o) spleen
Hgb hemoglobin staphyl(o) grapelike cluster; uvula
HHx health history steth(o) thorax(chest)
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act steth(o) thorax
HIV human immunodeficiency virus stomat(o) mouth
HPF high powered field strept(o) twisted
HPI history of present illness super(o) uppermost or above
HSM herpes simlex virus tel(o) far or distant from the origin or point of attachment
HTN hypertension therapeut(o) treatment
Hx history therm(o) heat
ICD-9 Internal classification of diseases, 9th revision thorac(o) thorax, chest
IED inprovised explosive devise thromb(o) thrombos; clot
INR international normalized ratio thym(o) thymus
IP inpatient tom(o) to cut
IV intracenous tonsill(o) tonsil
L&W living and well tox(o) poision
LA left atrium toxic(o) poision
lab laboratory trache(o) trachea (windpipe)
LDH lactate dehydrogenase troph(o) nutrition
LDL low-density lipoprotein umbilic(o) umbilicus
LLQ left lower quadrant ur(o) urine; urinary tract
LPF low-power field urethr(o) urethra
LUQ left upper quadrant urin(o) urine
LV left ventricle vag(o) vagus nerve
lymph lymphocyte valv(o) valve
mcg microgram valvul(o) valve
MD doctor of medicine vas(o) vessel
MI myocardial infraction vascul(o) vessel
MIDCAB minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass ven(i) vein
min minutes ven(o) vein
mm Hg millimeters of mercury ventr(o) belly side
mono monocyte ventricul(o) ventricle
MRI magnetic resonance imaging venul(o) venule
MRSA methicilin-resistant staphyococcus aureus vesic(o) bladder or blister
MVP mitral valve prolapse vir(o) virus
neut neutrophil virus(o) virus
NIH national health insurance viscer(o) viscera
NOP nothing by mouth xanth(o) yellow
NPO nothing by mouth
OB obsterics
OD overdose; right eye
OP outpatient
OPCAB off-pump coronary artery bypass
OR operating room
OTC over-the-counter
P pulse
p.o. orally
p.r.n as occasion arises, as needed
p.r.n. as theoccasion arises, as needed
PA posteroanterior
PAT parozysmal arterial tachycardia
PCI percutaneous coronary intervention
PDA patient ductus arteriosus
PE physical examination
PET positron emission tomography
PFT pulmonary function test
pH potential hydrogen
PMH past medical history
Pt patient
PT prothrombin time
PTCA percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
PTT partial thromboplastin time
PVC premature ventricular contraction
q. every
q.i.d. four times a day
RA right atrium
RBC red blood cell, red blood cell count
RDS respiratory distress syndrome
Rh rhesus (a blood group)
RLQ right lower quadrant
ROM range of motion
ROS review of symptoms
RPFT resgistered pulmonary function thrapist
RPR rapid plasma reagin
RUQ right upper quadrant
SA sinoartial
SARS severe acute respitory syndrome
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
SOB shortness of breath
SSN social security number
stat. immediately
t.i.d. three times a day
TB tuberculosis
TEE transesophageal echocardiogram
TTO transtracheal oxygen
Tx treatment
URI upper respiratory infection
VC vital capacity
VS vital signs
WBC white blood cell, white blood cell count
WD well developed
WN well nourished
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