Swimming with Leopard Sharks

I moved to San Diego on July 1st and was ready to start exploring. Today was the last day that my mom was in town so I wanted to do one last thing with her before she left. So with 2 of my roommates and my mom we headed out to go swim with Leopard sharks. We parked near Coast Walk Trail, La Jolla, CA 92037 and crossed the bridge and then climbed down toward the beach via a series of ropes and a ladder. If you plan on doing this in the future I would recommend wearing sturdy shoes and cloths that you don’t mind getting sandy or muddy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 5.23.40 PM.png
Once we got down to the beach we made our way north on the beach until we came to a cove area. It was high tide (not the best time of the day for this) and we had to hug the rocks as came around the point near the cove because of the waves splashing up against us. With our goggles on we headed into the water, making sure to go out in between waves as to not get swept up and thrown into the rocks. It took a little while but floating on the surface of the water and not splashing too much let us finally see the 4 foot Leopard sharks swimming right below us! It was so neat, they were so close that I could have reached out and touched them.
On our way back to our car we were met with police and a rescue team. Apparently someone had called 911 for us because they thought that we were stranded down there! After a short lecture and them telling us a helicopter had been called for us and lying to them about using the closed down bridge we were dismissed and went on our way. We then headed over to Galaxy Tacos where we tried the Avocado Tostada which has Oaxacan Crickets (first time ever eating crickets). The Crickets were crunch and kind of spicy and citrusy because of their diet of grapefruit. The food was quite good and I would definitely go back if my parents were in town to pay for me because I was on the pricier side. Overall it was a great day 🙂
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