Motivation and Preparation

First off welcome to my blog…well more of a journal.

This will be a combination of school, fitness, nutrition, self-care, and daily life. I will do my best to update this blog with my adventure of sculpting myself both mentally and physically. I am starting this blog because I want to better myself and also keep myself accountable.Face

So about me: I am an aspiring doctor to be. I recently transferred to UC San Diego from Oregon State University and am studying Human Biology. I love to work out but am not always the best about getting my butt to the gym so this is one way of keeping myself accountable to myself. I love to be creative but usually, lack the time needed to follow through on a project. I have a black thumb and kill almost every plant I own but I am trying to fix that, so if I do grow something there will most definitely be a post about it. Overall I try to be a happy person but sometimes my depression gets the better of me and I become very antisocial and negative so this blog will also be a way for me to express myself and maybe sometimes delve into what I am thinking and how I help myself feel better.

I want this blog to be about my adventures in my new city as well as my day to day life and the activities that I’m getting involved in. I would also love for this to be an interactive experience for my readers so if I post something I would love to hear any feedback (positive or negative), this is an open and welcoming space.


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